Blogger Limit Data? Are Blogspot is the right Choice?

Blogger Limit Data
Blogger Limit Data

Having actually a free blog site/website on Blogspot is a nice point, right? 

But there are a couple of disadvantages which you must know since it's a free solution. So, today, I will discuss Blogspot restrictions and my individual experience with 

Well, usually individuals call it which offers solutions to produce a free blog site with Blogspot(Dot)com sub-domain. But Blogspot(dot)com name is used for benefit. It's a free Content management system where you can produce a free blog site or website without paying a solitary cent. 

Msn and yahoo bought Blogspot in 2003 and began offering free blog site solutions and holding their information on Msn and yahoo's own. Anybody can produce their website and manage multi-blogs without paying money, and there are no advertisements or hidden captures. Blogspot Restrictions & Disadvantages What is the Meaning of Blogging using Blogspot?

Blogspot is a Good Choice for Beginners to Start First Blog for Learning & Testing

But if you're going to earn a professional website, after that isn't the best choice. I also began my first blog site on when I resembled a 15-16 old. Well, my website had not been truly a success, but I learned a lot of points, and currently, here I am. 🙂 If you're most likely to begin a brand-new blog site, after that I recommend you to know these Blogspot restrictions since some are quite worrying. 

The Blogspot Limitation | You Need to Know

  • How Many Limits to Create a Blog using Account?

Blogger allows users to produce at the very least 100 blog sites on one Msn and yahoo account. Which is certainly enough for anybody. After you hit 100 limits, you probably will need to erase previous blog sites to produce a brand-new one.

  • How Many Blogger Posts Limit on

There's no limit to publishing messages on your blog site. You can write limitless words in the post with pictures or video clips that can be beheld by Msn and yahoo own or on Youtube. 

All messages are available on the article list, and you can also personalize or modify your messages after publishing it. All messages are saved money on the blog site account, and the post supervisor allows you to prepare or erase posts anytime.

  • Picture Storage Space Limit on

Blogspot provides 1GB picture storage space. But if you make Msn and yahoo own or plus account after that it will give you an extra space to store at the very least 15GB of pictures, files, and documents. All the pictures are kept on Msn and yahoo own, and you can modify or remove pictures from it. 

  • Picture Dimension Limit on

You can submit pictures with dimensions under 1GB on your blog site or in Msn and yahoo own. All the pictures, you submit, are kept in Picasa owned by Msn and yahoo. If you have actually erased any picture from the blog site, it will be available in Picasa. You can access Picasa from Msn and yahoo's own. If you want to remove pictures completely after that you can do it from Msn and yahoo Picasa account. 

  • How About PHP and Mysql on

PHP is a very effective and useful internet language that's used to include functions to the website. But Blogger doesn't support PHP language. But you can use PHP by holding it on any internet holding solution. Mysql is also not available on Blogspot(dot)com blog site. 

  • Label/Tags on

Including a tag to post is extremely important. It's used to arrange and separate messages inning accordance with their category. You can set 5000 tags on one Blogspot blog site. Which suffices - Unbeatable. 

  • Favicon Dimension on

Blogger also allows including favicon pictures on your blog site. But you can just include a squared picture with the measurement of 16×16. So, if you want to include a favicon picture, after that you must resize it. The maximum dimension for the favicon must be under 100 KB, the picture with a bigger dimension compared to 100 KB isn't permitted. 

  • The Dimension of The Pages on 

Individual web pages (the main web page of a blog site or archive web pages) are limited to 1 MB. 

  • The Permalink Framework on

The greatest problem that I do not such as in Blogspot is its permalink option. The blog site has just one kind of permalink framework which is [Website]/[Date]/[Post]. For instance, if you have actually released a message on 5 May 2016 after that its permalink will be such as this ( 

You can change permalink day anything if you want from the "Released On" option in the post editor. 

Note: But if you modify the day, after that it will modify the permalink which will affect shedding web page place and original traffic of post. If you want to use this feature, I suggest using the redirection function to move your post traffic to the new post URL. If you need to change the Permalink on your you need to know How to Redirect Your Site to the New Blog Address.

  • The Group Participants on 

Blogspot permits 100 staff members in one Blogger blog site. You can include participants anytime as well as can advertise compared to if you're an admin. Last Ideas If you're a newbie and want to begin a brand-new website without pocket money on self-hosting, after that I highly suggest using Blogspot. 

I also begin my first website on the Blogspot blog site and recommend doing the same. But one point you should know is that Msn and yahoo can remove your blog site in the situation of infraction of terms and plans. Msn and yahoo can also erase your blog site if you do spam or copy various other website components. 

I suggest signing up for a customized domain name so, in the situation, if Msn and yahoo eliminate your blog site, after that you can produce a brand-new blog site with a customized domain name and can import your messages again. 

 So, be certain to earn a back-up of your blog data messages because Msn and yahoo crawlers don't endure websites with replicate components. However, currently, you can request to unclog your blog site if Msn and yahoo crawlers have removed it.


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