Do You Want to be a blogger? Here the steps to do it

Do You Want to be a blogger?
Do You Want to be a blogger?

Do You Want to be a blogger?

By creating an individual blog, you will have both experience and a portfolio. The writing that you make on the blog can be shown to prospective clients. Your blog will act as who you are on the internet, which you need to have in order to get a job as a blogger.

You can use a variety of hosting services to build a website. Many hosting services are sold for free, but offer additional features for a fee. Blogger and WordPress are two website service provider sites that you can use for free. With Blogger or WordPress, you can quickly create a blog. You can choose to build a blog with a free subdomain ( or buy a domain at affordable prices on both sites.

Find a Market

Determine the topic of the blog that you enjoy doing, so that you will write happily and stable. If you are seen as an expert on what you enjoy doing, you may be paid to write about it. By choosing a topic that you enjoy doing, you will enjoy your career as a blogger even more.

Even though you think that being a versatile blogger will make your job easier, in reality, bloggers who are good at certain sectors are more sought after. They are sought after for their many weighty comments, be it about the latest games, cosmetics, or machine techniques. "Offer" yourself like marketing a product. Make sure your skills fit the general genres of the website, namely games, politics, food, dress, movies, books, cars, or business. Do not let you write on a topic that is too narrow until it is not read by people.

Write in your spare time

The number of posts on the website is of equal importance with quality. It may take you a few weeks or a few months to improve your writing power, create an agenda, and improve your identity online, but you can certainly do. 

There is no definite number of posts that you need to make in order for you to be a successful blogger. Some bloggers write every day to keep productive, while some others write once a week. Get a writing agenda that fits your activities, but make sure readers know when you update the website. Every website entry is an entry point for readers to recognize you.

Write For Your Readers

Since website readers are different from book or newspaper readers, make sure you make an effort to capture their interest. Make sure your website entries can be "scanned". Can the reader grasp the point of your writing by reading it quickly? Do you have keywords in your writing? 

Have you bolded or identified the most important side of your writing? Have you used examples that make it easier for readers to understand the writing? Use a variety of techniques to attract readers' interest.

Promote your website to attract readers:

  1. Submit the website address to the directory, or send the website entry link to social media, such as Digg, Twitter, and Facebook.
  2. Writing for other websites will make your name recognizable. If there are readers who like your writing on one website, he will look for other posts.
  3. Ensure that the website on which you upload your posts allows you to include names and links to individual websites in the posts.
  4. If the website is well-known, has lots of visitors, or has many followers, your website will also be popular. If you're lucky, and you create quality content, your free writing becomes a doorway for other writing work.
  5. Services like will help you find bloggers with similar interests.
  6. Make friends with other bloggers.
  7. Being an active member of the website commune and conferring on the website will help you build rapport with bloggers, possibly helping you find writing projects.
  8. Just follow Twitter accounts for popular websites or bloggers, join the community about websites, or comment on website posts about topics that you are good at.
  9. Ask for status on major websites. Websites that have many followers and are updated on a daily basis usually have a large number of staff or contributions. Ask questions about the availability of blogger status regardless of the editor or website personnel manager, and give links to individual websites and your writing on other websites when inquiring.
  10. Apply as a blogger on several sites that include independent writers, such as ProBlogger and FreelanceSwitch. You can use both sites for free; the important thing you do is create a profile and upload a writing sample.
  11. Make sure you show excellence. Also, show how the writings on your website show the direction of the whole website. Generally, independent authorship sites require you to upload writing samples.

Take advantage of the Community network to get referrals

Blogger colleagues are likely to be able to help you find a job, or provide you with info about other bloggers in need of writers. Networking in the world of websites is very useful. With networking, you can create small communes that can help you find a job as a writer.

Use Your Personal Blog for Work Reference

Some blogs that display a link to the "my work" page, contain information about the services you provide. In most cases, the link is really efficient. By visiting your website, clients can find out the strengths and market niches that you can fill. After it feels right, the client can hire you. Don't be shy about promoting yourself and your strengths on the website. Focus on promoting your strengths and writing style.

Write consistently on your blog

Write stably for similar sites whenever possible, to know what readers and website owners expect. By writing on a similar website, you can immediately focus on writing, not administration issues. You can even earn income too. Similarly, about blogger as a job. Thank you

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