What is Blogger? Who Blogger is? are they have a difference meaning?

What is Blogger? Who Blogger is?
What is Blogger? Who Blogger is?

What is Blogger? Who Blogger is?

By now, you must have heard about blogs very often. However, if you choose a question, what is a blogger like? therefore only a few people can answer correctly and precisely. In this article, we will review information about bloggers, whoever is a blogger, why you should create a blog, the difference between a blog and a website, and so on. Let's just start the language about the World of Blogs

What is Blogger? it is a Blogging Platform from Google

If you want to have a website with a free domain from Google, then you only need to have a Google account, then login to blogger.com

After that, you can create your blog via blogger.com of course, because the blogger.com service is provided Free by Google, your Domain Name on blogger.com will be accompanied by the suffix * blogspot.com But you don't worry, you can link a Domain Name if you want your blog address to not have the * blogspot.com suffix

Who Blogger is? Blogger is Someone who write on a blog

Bloggers are people who create and pay for websites, their visions, and points of view to their audience via online means great for individual or business direction. The topic of his commentary was also varied, from the arts to politics. 

Nowadays, many bloggers are popular and become 'celebrities' in the online and offline world. Some people make blogging a part-time career, some see blogging as their specific profession, others write websites to channel their hobby or as a way to express their opinion. 

Become a happy career blogger even if it's not that easy. He doesn't have to hang around in one place wanting to write content. There are even bloggers whose content is to travel, but of course, this depends on the type of website being created. Since internet connection has increased from anywhere, at that time anyone became a blogger.


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